Has anyone tried EnjoyPBT stablizers?

Found that enjoypbt stabilizers on taobao, which are very similar to stabs from Zeal but 3 times cheaper. Has anyone tried them? How are they compared to cherry, gmk and of course zeal?


I’m going to build M60 with these stab.
Lubed with Krytox 205, so far I can say that they are well matched and really smooth.

From what I heard ePBT stabs come from the same mold as Zeal stabs, so for all intents and purposes they are identical. I personally haven’t build a board with anything else but GMK stabs, so I sadly can’t comment on the differences there, sorry.

Can you only order them from taobao?
Are there any North American proxies?

how are they compared to competitors?

I heard it, too, but no one could confirm it(

these are only sold in China, if they are really made in the same factory with zeals, I think there is a ban from zeal to sell them anywhere other than China

Guys, you can buy these stabs with superbuy.com, sometime (months) ago kbfans had on sale a black version.
With my experience I can say that they are smooth out of the box, it’s like comparing hausings,
cherry blacks vs gateron crystal clears (aliaz/zeal switches).

I’m going the get Zeal stabs with my Zephyr, so I will do some comparison between these two as well.

These blacks epbt (?) from Kbdfans are available on AliExpress.

A friend of mine once bought them from kbdfans, and later he sent me this

He said that they are shit, that you can see in this picture. Hope black and transparent are rom different producers

did it jump out somehow? or what?

@Jae-3soteric did a comparison on stream between ePBT (clear) and Zeal stabs and he said they were identical down to the tool markings, indicating that they came from the same molds/factory line

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I can’t speak to the similarities of the ePBT version and Zeal but I have used Zeal stabs on several builds. While smooth, my one complaint of Zeal stabs is that the stabilizer wire can sometimes pop loose from the stabilizer housing which can be a major pain to fix. I’ve never had that problem with GMK stabilizers. All things equal, I prefer a lubed GMK screw-in stab to the Zeal for that reason.

Yep this is pretty much the case. I did ask @Zeal about this and he explained that his moulds (or the designs) had been used by his rep without his permission.

So in actual usage they are identical - but remember Zeal did pay for the original moulds, which may/may not influence your decision

That kind of does.
I’ve only been apart of the hobby for a bit now but it just seems like an ethical call to go through Zeal.
That being said I really dislike that they are so expensive and that you need to buy them in a set. I just need 2 2u stabs and its gonna end up costing me like 40$.

Another note, I’ve never really had to use stabs. Ever since coming into this hobby I’ve only ever used grid layout ortho. However, now that I’m getting a Board walk and want to do the 2u space and backspace on the bottom I have to consider what I’m going to use. GMK, Zeal, Cherry; I just want stabs that wont jiggle and rattle around with minimal chance of failure.

Depends on how much work you’re willing to invest into modding your stabs. Zeal/ePBT stabs need only light lubing, while GMK/Cherry also need to be clipped and lubed. I personally prefer GMK Screw-Ins for my builds because they provide the best value per money, even considering the small bit of work that has to go into them.

If you only need certain stabs and not a whole kit, talk to Mr. Stabman @faxe. He sells GMK clip and Screw-Ins in any combination you need :slight_smile:

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Whilst I’ve used zeal and EPBT stabs - my go to is GMK screw in. This is mainly due to two reasons. Price, and feel.

They are significantly cheaper - in line with the EPBT stabs, and can be easily accessed via multiple US vendors or @faxe in the EU.

In terms of feel - once lubed they are for me nicer than zeal, as they are less prone to issues (such as the wire popping out - although this is reportedly fixed in current rounds). I also feel that they are nicer on the bottom out as well, although smoothness is broadly the same.

Hope this helps.

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Yesterday I built m60 with these stab and they are awesome. Probably I will have to sell my GMK screw-in sets :wink:

I’ve used GPL 225 (more or less like 205) and they have a nice knock on bottom out.