Hello all, my name is Blair

My name is Blair. You may have seen me visiting streams as Badnewsblair. I found my way into this hobby as I do most of my tech related hobbies through Youtube. I started to really pay attention to keyboards (especially custom, mechanical) when Ali on Optimum Tech compared his 3 mechanical keyboards. Then I started watching Taeha, Tae and :3ildcat and then AlexTos, Apiary, Minterly and ExistentiallyYours on Twitch.

I’m currently typing on a KBDFans DZ60RGB Tofu with lubed and filmed Gateron Yellows. It’s fantastic and as an introduction to custom mechs, its great however I just got notice this morning that my KBD67mkii has shipped and will be here soon enough.

I have NovelKey Silk Blacks waiting for that and I got in on the GMK Modern Dolch GB for that (sometime early next year). I am also in on the GB for KAT Iron though that may end up replacing my ePBT WoB on this DZ60… or not! Depending on how I like it.

Some of my other hobbies:

  • I’m a computer guy, always have been. I started on PCs, then went Apple and now I’m comfortably both. I have a Linux box as well for file serving thee family needs.
  • I have been playing guitar for over 20 years.
  • I’m into Warhammer 40K (off and on for years).
  • I’m a designer by profession. I’ve been in graphic design, industrial design, iOS design, dev tools, and a few more over my 13 year career.

I’d love to contribute to the community in whatever way I can, the obvious being my design background. Thanks and see you around!


Greetings and welcome, Blair! We’re happy to have you here.

What are some of your favorite tunes to play on guitar?

Welcome! Cool to meet you.

I’ve been in graphic design, industrial design, iOS design, dev tools, and a few more over my 13 year career.

^^ that is quite a resume. Fellow web and UI designer myself.


I’m a punk fan. I was in a couple of punk bands in college and I guess I’d say that’s when my musical tastes stuck with me.

So, I still play a lot of Millencolin, NOFX, Pennywise, Rise Against, etc. I enjoy progressive rock (prog rock) like Coheed and Cambria, Between the Buried and Me, Mastodon and GHOST.

I still play a bit of classic rock. For a challenge I attempt things Spirit of the Radio by Rush and promptly wish I hadn’t.

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Thanks! It’s been a journey for sure. I’d love to design a keycap set or a deskmat (or both) one day.

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Love me some punk and prog rock. NOFX and Rush are easily two of my favorite bands. If I ever find myself lacking energy, I just put on The Decline or 2112.

NOFX’s Punk in Drublic was my entry into punk. I suppose I listened to mostly what is now Skate Punk from the late 90s, early 00s. I had a Emo Punk phase as well. The Ataris, New Found Glory, Get Up Kids.

Have you seen the orchestra accompanied version of The Decline? It’s intense.

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I kinda of wonder about that myself sometimes - designing my own key set or board. I feel like I’m so new tho, and if I ever even attempt to design something for this I want to do it right. But then I see some of these interest checks, and I’m like… really?? Maybe I wouldn’t be so bad it. lol

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You can definitely do it! maybe something we both work up to… but soon!

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The mix of working with design and Warhammer sounds like a great mix for artisans. :thinking:

And welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for having me! The Warhammer lore is what keeps me sticking around. Even when I’m not playing, I’m still read the lore books through the Black Library.

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