Hello Everyone :)

Hi my name is Darzzy! I have been in this hobby for over a year, and I look forward to meeting everyone in this keeb community :slight_smile:


Howdy Darzzy! Welcome to the community!

What’s your favorite keyboard/keyset combo? :slight_smile:

Hey Darzzy! Welcome to keebtalk. Great to have you

Hey Darzzy! Welcome and hope youll have fun

Welcome Darzzy :smiley:

At the moment my favorite keyset is Peaches n Cream, with the Ikki68 Aurora x PnC keyboard. I am still waiting for my Aurora keyboard to arrive :smiley:

Thank you all for the warm welcome too :relaxed:


Hello and welcome! Any favorite switches?



I haven’t dabbled too much into switches yet, but for now I’d say Gateron clears. Wbu?

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Of all the tried-and-true switches, Cherry & Gateron Clears are the ones I’ve somehow not tried yet.

Aside from that I’m something of a switch nerd, so it’s hard to pick a favorite. :nerd_face: Lately, though - I’ve really been enjoying Dark Amber T1s, which are a re-colored version of the T1 that comes pre-lubed from Cannon Keys. I’ve also been enjoying Heisenbergs lately; a clacky, smooth frankenswitch made by putting a Halo stem into an Ink Blue.

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Interesting! I’ve heard a lot about Dark Ambers, so maybe I’ll get those in the future. For everyday use I definitely prefer tactile switches.

Glad to have you!