Hello! Fellow hobbyist here, just getting his wallet rekt!

Hi everyone,

I got into this hobby a few months ago and I am currently the proud owner of two mechanical keyboards with two more on the way. I used to be a mechanical keyboard user in my younger years but had to abandon them when I switched to laptops. Well, I’m back and it feels better than ever!

I currently clack on a Doro67, built with Gateron Yellows and GMK screw-in stabs, which is home to GMK White-on-Black along with GMK Modern Dolch Accents (ESC, Enter, Spacebar).

I also use a Vortex Race 3 as my mobile keyboard (iPad, etc.), which I resoldered with Gat Yellows too.

Future plans:

  • waiting for a frosted Think6.5°
  • waiting for a Moon RAMA M60-A — my first foray into the HHKB layout
  • run my own GMK keycap set

Quite the looker on your desk, cool plans too. Welcome :sunglasses:

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Welcome! Your Doro67 is one hell of a beautiful board. Count me as envious!

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Thanks guys!

The photos you shared in the Doro67 Discord were great so I can’t wait to see your new boards!

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That’s a beauty. White on black is such a strong color way. Makes anything look classy (not that the Doro67 needs help).

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Thank you. I can’t wait for the next two to arrive. I hate the waiting game needed!