Hello, I am ArchDill

I am really interested to see how this new forum goes.

I have been into mechanical keyboards for about three years. I stumbled upon r/mk after building a PC. I started getting more involved in the community about two and a half years ago. I usually keep a small collection, board wise.
I currently have:

-Dark Gray Revo RJ, GB PCB, brass plate, thin lubed Tealios.

-Gray HHKB Pr 2, 55g domes, Purple silent sliders.

I am also into Artisans and anything purple, cyan and/or olive drab. My favorite keysets are Skeletor, Laser (Soon TM) and stock HHKB PBT. I have not been as involved lately but when I am, I usually spend most of my time in the Keyboard Community Slack. Keychatter slack is a close second.

What is your favorite board and Artisan in your collection?

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hey arch :laughing: