Hello, I'm Frostbyte

Hello, I’m Frostbyte. Some of you may know me as the latest addition to the Top Clack discord mod team.

I am a Web/Application developer by trade and so keyboards are a fairly integral part to my day to day routine. So seeking personalization as well as awesome feels I ended up here in the mechanical keyboard community.

I’m a big fan of the 65% layout especially with a nice little arrow blocker, however Koduh takes the crown as the 65% King. I love the hhkb layout however I find having dedicated navigation very useful and so 65% to me gives me that while still being very compact.

Also I love red anodization, a very underrated color in the community IMO. If there’s ever a red option you know I will most likely be picking that up.

I hope to learn more and more things in this great community that seems to come up with new and exciting things to try and helps keep things fresh.

Thanks for reading.


I too think red is underrated in this community :slight_smile:

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You are my Canadian 65% brother in arms. Jae is our british ally fighting the good fight across the pond.

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Neat to see so many devs here!

Where is the anime girl with her hands together avatar?

Anime girl? There are only weasels here.

Yeah for sure it’s definitely an occupation that lends to using keyboards a lot.

hello iber, nice to meet you

Don’t I know it. Though. I’m a text editor and command line front end developer because. I don’t know. I like a challenge?

Hello, welcome to the KT!