Hello, I'm Ken form Girlycaps Studios

I am Ken and I am from Girlycaps Studios team. I am currently making artisan keycaps and I intend to build my first custom keyboard.
Really in love with OTD style and RAMA, so hope I can get one as soon as possible.
Do you think RAMA will be the best for shooting artisan keycaps with ?
Have a nice day :smiley:!
If you are interested with artisan keycaps - go check our work at:
Insta: @ girlystudios_caps


Oh wow those are awesome sculpts and colours! I’d love to get my hands on either one for my Qustom. What RAMA board are you getting, and what finish? Generally either a KURO or MILK will work best as they are neutral colours.

I’m still confused between M60 and Koyu !! But I will get M60, never try a 60 layout but first time for everything :wink:

P/s: Those caps are being casted in our current groupbuy

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If you’re getting them aftermarket they can be pretty expensive; I would generally suggest to do it if you currently have the boards, or know someone who has one.

I’ll make sure to start following you now!

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Beautiful artisans! The colour blending is very nice.

Thank you ! I will try to work more with mixing color :blush: