Hello, I'm Nick

Not sure how much I’ll use this forum, but a friend of mine lied to me and said my name was taken so I figured I should go register it… Some of you may know me from geekhack, or one of the many slack or discord servers, or from moderating /r/mechanicalkeyboards.

Currently using a Keycult No.1 with 62g vintage blacks.

That’s about it… I’ll see you around somewhere :kissing_heart:


o hullo :wave:

Hey man :slight_smile:

Hey Nick, good call. I did the same thing. Signed up to reserve my gh and discord name. Glad to know that nobody will be impersonating you here on keebtalk.


Hi real nickheller


Hey Nick!

any vandal v2 sales?

I have a few actually…


Hey Nick! Welcome and good to see you around!

hi nick

how do we know you aren’t an imposter pretending to be the real nickheller

I’ve been exposed :eyes:

how do we know u r real tiny? :thinking: checkmate.

That doesn’t look like Topre…

clearly ivan w them keycaps

who dis

what if everyone on this forum is just ripster behind multiple alt accounts :smirk:

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