Hello, I'm NoPunIn10Did


I’m NoPunIn10Did, and I’m a software developer from North Carolina. I also dabble in board game design.

A few months ago, I finally got fed up with my Microsoft Ergonomic keyboard, and I started seeking out a better mechanical option. I ended up landing on the Ergodox EZ, and since that point I’ve kinda fallen deep down the rabbit hole.

I tend to be more active on Reddit and Geekhack, but it was recommended to me that I post here too, particularly since I’m running a keycap set Interest Check at the moment, which I’ll post about separately later.


Welcome to keebtalk! Always good to see more people from NC :smile:

Kinda crazy that you’re already running an IC after just a few months of owning a mech, for an ortho-focused keyset no less. Not really my thing but it looks great! Good luck with organizing it, you’re going to be competing for peoples’ attention with all the keyset GBs lately but it looks like you’ve found a good market niche to target with the DSS/ortho setup.


Indeed. There’s certainly been a recent flood of interest checks, particularly for GMK sets. I’m hoping that the fact that the set is DSS and Ortho/Ergo focused will help it stand out among the crowd, even if that means the target audience is smaller.

Welcome welcome.

Ha was gonna say - that escalated quickly! I look forward to seeing your work.

When am I allowed to start posting images and links? I just had a whole post for the Ortho/dox Blues Interest Check ready to go, but then I got informed that I’m new and so therefore can post no links and no more than one image.

You need trust level ‘basic’ I think; https://blog.discourse.org/2018/06/understanding-discourse-trust-levels/

Basically just read a handful of other topics

Thanks! That makes sense. I have lurked here before without logging in, but now that I actually have an identity I’ll be sure to hang around.

LOL. If anyone has a reason to splooge content, it’s us. We all have very nice keyboards. Post enough, and you’ll get access to a lounge that nobody uses.