Hello, I'm William

I’m a twenty-something software developer from Norway.

I’ve been using mechanical keyboards on and off for a few years, being reeled in by the gaming marketing in my teens – getting a SteelSeries G6V2 with MX Reds. I used that one as a daily driver for a couple of years, also bringing it to my first job as a software dev. I then got a Qpad MK-85 with MX Blues for use at home.

I found I like tactile feedback in a switch, but the click is a bit much for me. I usually wear earphones both at home and at work, so the clickiness is somewhat lost on me and just a nuisance to the ones around me :smile:

After changing workplace I ended up not bringing a mech to work for a while. A more open office layout had me a bit reluctant to bring the G6V2 since I had a tendency to type pretty hard on it – I blame the lack of feedback from the switch :wink: I did some research into what could be a somewhat quiet non-clicky tactile switch, much helped by /r/mk and other resources across the internet. I wasn’t ready to take the custom plunge yet, so of the mass-market (ish) options that were readily available I landed on a Filco Majestouch-2 (TKL this time) with MX Browns that I fitted with 0,2mm O-rings. I also make an effort not to bottom out, but I still slip into the old habits every now and then making the O-rings a nice addition. Add a desk mat to the mix and I have a setup that works pretty well, even in an open office.

I understand MX Browns are seen by many in the community as a poor switch, but for now I quite like them :slightly_smiling_face: I am interested in getting a keyboard with a more exotic tactile switch to experiment with, perhaps slightly heavier than the MX Brown. Some of the hot-swappable PCBs look really interesting seeing as I have zero soldering experience and no available space for work like that :smile:

I’ve joined R2 of the /dev/tty group buy to try a different profile (and get :sparkles: that look :sparkles:) - excited to put it on the Filco when it finally arrives!

Welcome William!

I think a lot of people’s first experience was with an MX brown. I know mine was at least.

Welcome to the rabbit hole :wink:

I still have boards with MX browns in…

You have like 80+ boards fam it don’t count for you.