Hello, my name is Madhias [WARNING PICTURE SPAM]

Hi everyone! I already started posting here, and wanted also to make a short introduction. I joined recently ‘active’, since I really like this forum software, it is so nice, especially on mobile too. I remember being on a board about home automation things, ‘MySensors’ which I think use the same one. From ‘my 3’ boards Geekhack, Deskthority and Keebtalk it is the most matured and modern – I can even directly upload pictures! Wow.

As I mentiond Deskthority and Geekhack, I joined these two by the end and beginning of 2013/2014, and am still a little bit active there, but hmm – I guess lots of people from my keyboard age are wondering how the scene changed, and especially how it got big. So many GMK sets, so many vendors, so many awesome designed keyboards, soooo many MX switches.

Since Geekhack is really now an offtopic and IC and GB board, and Deskthority made also huge changes, I am also active here! I am on Discord too (Madhias#3790), joined some channels, but its chat / IRC style makes it for me impossible for just reading. Stopping reading when I’ve scrolled all the way up and being kicked back to the newest messages just sucks, but maybe I am doing it wrong.

I like Topre and IBM keyboards, but I also do use a 1800 Cherry keyboard with MX Red switches with I think 52g springs, lubed. LOL how old school haha. I am living in Vienna, Austria, Europe.

Anyway, sorry for the wall of text, hello keyboard friends! Here are some pics from the past and until now, which I made and some of you have seen already, sorry for the spam :slightly_smiling_face:


Great keyboards and excellent hand blurring! Does the phone work?



I do like your old school taste for keyboard :wink:


This is quality content! Thanks for sharing!!

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Lovely photography and lovely keyboards/caps.

Tell us about the custom wooden one with SA caps. Also, where did you get the buckling springs artisans?

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I’m absolutely gaga over that IBM Beam Spring 3276. The sound test did not disappoint. Just amazing.


beautiful shots. Welcome!

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Talk about making an entrance! It’s not spam when the content is absolutely beautiful keyboards!

Herzlich Willkommen und viel Spaß dabei!


That’s a remarkably OG collection there, good sir!

Aside from that incredible beam spring specimen, I especially like the bare-pcb one with the double-stacked function row.


You can spam pictures like that anytime. Inspirational stuff there.


This has given me so much inspiration :smiley:


@louuuuuuuu Actually I never tried if the phone works, but it was definitely still in use short before I got it, there was even a label printer too.

@Rico Thanks! Actually it feels old school compared to all customs, but I really like beige / grey old school keyboards so much.

@WayToBlue :saluting_face:

@pixelpusher Thanks! This is a G80 11800 with the PCB cut, without numpad, and the PCB just screwed on a IKEA cutting board, with some kind of plastic between the wood and PCB, and SP SA caps.
The buckling spring artisans are all Click Clack keycaps, except the red one from the server room picture, which is from Brocaps. I got these from CC and Brocaps themselfs, except I think the red one on the HHKB was traded. But I also bought 2-3 on Ebay for the SSK, the first one I’ve ever got, an orange Click Clack BS cap I even bought together with my SSK, and the second one, a blue one, on Ebay.

@ajoflo Yes, the 3276 is so cool, and the fact using a late 1970s keyboard with USB in 2022 with a more or less usable layout – in the office with an evil smile :sunglasses: You know my absolute bad video sound test? In the next days I want to make part 2 in the office. With case it is not so loud though =(

@linch :facepunch:

@leemu Hallöchen und Danke Dir =)

@Deadeye Thanks! OG lifestyle. “The guy she told you not to worry about” pure gold answer :speech_balloon:
Simple PCB builds are nice, aren’t there now also new ones available? I don’t rememeber right now, like the Lelepad, but also a 60% or so, which can be used without case and on top visible electronic parts.

@Extra_Fox Will do so, also with new stuff coming in.

@cam.machi Great, see and mix and match :camera_flash: :hammer_and_wrench: :keyboard:


Really classy collection of keyboards and photos!

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Classy and out of this world clean collection. So clean, my keebs are turning red out of embarrassment.

Please tell us you spent the last 24hrs scrubbing down each keyboard and keycap with alcohol to prepare for the photoshoot.


I’m a little but jealous :grinning:

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…cleaned and setup every foto location too in the last 24 hours! Haha no. Actually allmost all pictures except the Beam Spring and HHKB and first one of the Cherry :cherries: keyboard are old pictures I made; 5-6 years old. I just went through my foto collection and wanted to show them here, I really still like everything! Some things are sold, others not, and I can say never sell everything when life changes! Especially things which you would not get again at all. Also I like to use things, not soo much collecting.


Amazing photos and collection! I’m sure many of us will love to hear about your experiences with all these different boards - especially the rare vintage pieces!


Great collection of boards you have there.

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