Hello! Newbie Keeb Fan Here

A newbie keyboard enthusiast. Small-time freelance graphic and communication designer, all the way in Beirut, Lebanon. Saw my first tkl a few of years ago, and it blew my mind. That was also my first mech, sadly it was a Razer which lasted all about 10 months before the linear switches started messing up. My locale and lower income make it difficult to splurge and spend on big ticket items, I know gaming boards are looked down on by the community, but if this is the only way I can somewhat be a part of this community I’m happy to mess around on gaming boards and cheaper key cap sets for the moment, while I learn some more stuff and put aside some cash for a proper board and a gmk set soon. Currently on a HyperX tkl with some cherry reds, and recently ordered my first 75% with a dsa set. Quite excited to try out a new layout and a new profile. I do actually like the low profile design of my board, and quite like cherry reds, although I’m looking forward to trying out some other linears, lubing them and all that. I’d eventually like to try out some more 75%'s like a KBD, and build a few along the way too.

I also happened to spend a night on Discord with a guild mate in WoW, geeking out, talking about keyboards, switches, sharing photos, basically dropping knowledge bombs on me for like 6 hours. It was a grand ol’ time and further ignited my fire. Sadly we aren’t on talking terms anymore because of a game. Either way, I know he’s an active part of the community, and if you read this, much respect, sad we fell out the way we did.

Otherwise, I’m generally a pretty chill dude in my mid 30’s, do a light bit of gaming just WoW though, light bit of design, not a pro typist, but have a big love this community and the people in it. Seen most of the YT builds, and typing tests you guys put together, subbed to all the channels, watch some streams, much respect to you all, you guys put in a lot of work and make some kick ass vids and build some kick ass boards. I’m on Instagram @cualityqontrol although there isn’t much of any keyboard content atm, other than putting some key caps on my boards. Cheers!



and don’t worry, a lot of folks i know started that way. Having the money to buy each custom in the world doesn’t make one an enthusiast or superior.
Its the heart that counts for me.

Have a good time

Lebanon you say?

Say hello to Keanu Reeves from us. :laughing:


What’s Keanu up to in Lebanon?

@Makami Appreciate the warm welcome!
@dario I’d be curious what’s being filmed, if he is around. Quite a few stars frequent the country.

He was born in Beirut.

Yeah, and he grew up in Canada and also holds British citizenship. So…?

It was a joke on account of his birth town.

Yeah, I figured. Anyway, this discussion is way off topic now :sweat_smile:

@Sour, I wonder if KBDfans shipping is reasonably cheap and fast for you. They seem to have fairly reasonably priced items, so long as you can build things yourself

Reasonably priced is a bit of relative term. I buy some stuff off aliexpress, and found out recently massdrop also ships my way. KBD75 on aliexpress kit 2 has gateron switches, shipped is just about $200 which isn’t terrible, not sure about the switches though. Kit 3 has zealios, which I’m a little more interested in, but that shipped is $260, I’d probably want to invest in better stabs and lube at that point too, and a nice key set for it. So that could easily go up to like $350sh - $400. No experience building yet either. Which is why I’m a little more interested in trying out some layouts first with cheaper boards like the drevo I just ordered. Maybe try out a vortex 75% and some 60%-65% like vortex/poker , while trying out different switches and learning some more stuff. Eventually I’m very curious about metal bases, higher profile stuff. I’d love to put together a kbd75 soon, when I can spend that money more comfortably and, very much look forward to it. That OLKB Preonic on massdrop atm has me quite interested also. Appreciate the suggestion :slight_smile: