Hello o/

My name is Evan. I have gone by Pope or variations on Pope_Mindless in many gaming communites over the years.

I’ve been using a Blackwidow ultimate 2013 with blues since it was new. Joining this community now as I find some renewed interest in the hobby and plan to begin plans for a custom build. Picked up a couple hot-swappable keebs in the last few weeks to have some variation on popular switches to test out: Hexgears Impulse with box browns (whites on the way) and a Tezarre tk61 pro with Gateron optical blues (silent reds on the way).

I happened to find the site when searching for modding info on the Impulse (Thanks! @Deadeye) and wanted to start thanking people here for their contributions which have already been super helpful.

See you around!


Welcome to the forum - delighted to hear you’ve already found some useful information!

By pure chance, I was working on that Impulse just yesterday, repairing a hot-swap socket that had become disconnected on one side.

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I’m guessing you’re talking about Kailh BOX Whites? If so, I think you’ll like them if you’re a fan of clicky switches already. I can’t speak on Whites specifically but I use Jades and I find the sound and tactility of the clickbar to be quite pleasing compared to a click-jacket (the clicky mechanism in Blue switches).

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Correct, Kailh BOX Whites. I nearly went with the BOX Jades but have read from several reviewers who preferred the BOX Whites, and I do want to test them all eventually!

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I use box whites so I can probably shed some light on them. I, typically, like hollow cases with clicky switches because it echoes the click sound a fair bit which just makes what clickies are beloved for even more apparent.

Box Whites are quite light and easy to press if you’re coming from cherry reds or browns…basically no adjustment time for the weighting. They also have a subtle tactile event (almost like a cherry brown, but still more defined). The click bar event is firm and snappy, but isn’t too loud. You can use them with other people in the same room (at home), and they probably won’t be bothered that much…so it’s an okay for family or an SO <-As per my personal testing.

I’d describe other sound characteristics in more detail, but I think they’d fly over your head since you’re still new to this whole thing.


Welcome to keebtalk! I can’t shed any light on clickies but hopefully, you can find some that you like :+1:

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Hello and welcome! I briefly owned some Box Navies and despite clicky switches not being for me, I definitely enjoyed the tactility and zero pre-travel. I hope you enjoy them as you get back into the hobby!

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Been running the new Box whites for a couple days now and I have to say… Wow! What a great feel coming from years on Cherry mx blues, I love the solid tactility and great sound! I find it crisp and professional. Not half as annoying to other people in the room as my loud echoey old razer! :laughing: