Hello World. KeyboardPlates.com

Hello World!

KeyboardPlates is now alive! We are a Barcelona based group of mechanical keyboard enthusiasts and we are really happy to get into the hobby!

Our purpose is to bring Limited Edition Keyboard Hardware to the community, especially keyboard plates.

The main idea is to make the community vote for the plates they want and create these products at affordable prices. We have a product release calendar but this will be modified according to the votes.

More news soon! - When we unlock the ability to post links :wink:


Are your products going to be ready-stock based on votes or made-to-order / stocked in waves a la IC-GroupBuy System?

What kinds of plate materials are you going to be offering?


Hello RN00175! Nice to meet you! All products shown in “products” section are ready-stock. Group buy can be a cool service update, thanks :slight_smile:

We are partnered with LaserBoost, so now we only work in product made of metal-based materials. We are looking for new suppliers to work with a wide range of materials. Thanks!

this is great to see, a dedicated keyboard plate vendor - I can’t wait to see what additional materials you will be able to support going forwards as well :slight_smile:

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.o( what’s a keyboard plate? )