Help me find a keyboard for SA Tatooine

I haven’t really been doing much with keyboards recently (aside from, you know, typing on them). But I ordered SA Tatooine a year and a half ago with the intent of building a keyboard around it and also making a YouTube video about the process, and it’s finally going to be shipping soon.

My original plan was to design and 3D print a suitably Star Warsy case and build a board myself from the PCB up, but I’ve mostly forgotten how to use Fusion 360 in the meantime, and they also cut off my free license for the program, so I think it might be better to just find a board/kit that will work well with it. And by “work well” I mostly mean that it will allow me to use all of the novelties, so it needs to have both 1.5u and 1.25u keys on row 3, as well as spaces for 1u novelties on R1, R2, R3 and R4.

One of the sample images that Novelkeys used for the keyset has very large bezels that I think complements the set pretty well. I don’t want this exact board, and I’m not even sure it’s a real board, but something with similarly large bezels might be nice. All the ones I have seen tend to be very pricey group buys, though. Has that changed at all? Any other ideas? Seems like the KBD75 would also work if I chose Layout 2.


It is a real board, the S7 Elephant. Unfortunately I haven’t seen anything with chonky bezels like that outside of group buys. (The Exent is another group buy model that has a similar shape; the Saturn60 is big-bezeled as well.)

If you’re looking to use every novelty on every row, you’ll need something with a macro column, like the KBD75, or another 65% or 75% board. I was originally going to suggest something with an 1800 layout, since those usually have 1.25u mods on the left of the spacebar, and 1.5u on the right, and often also have big bezels. But 1800 boards don’t have macro columns, so you wouldn’t have anywhere to put the R2 and R3 novelties, unless you put them on the number pad.


A HMKB would work I think. A CA66 to.

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Thanks for the replies so far, everyone. I do have one 3D model that I made a year or more ago that might actually work for this, if I can find a good 65% PCB. I guess it’s not totally necessary to use all of the novelties, but I want to use the macro row novelties and the “Sail Barge” (which is a 1.5u key). Any suggestions about that?

U could use the Quefrency pcb if you want a 65% with macro. Not ideal, but doable.

I would like to see that case design with a wkl FRL, but finding a PCB for that will not be as easy.

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The GB itself is pricey but maybe you could build something around this pcb if you like it:

PCBs are part of the extras sale tomorrow

Thanks, that is interesting and it does fit my criteria. You’re not kidding about it being pricey. I think the PCB would be tricky to work into a 3D printed enclosure though, since it’s got a lot of spaces between key clusters.

On consideration might be to create 3DP base with an acrylic top. Recently P3D has been making “invisibolt” acrylic cases that use stacked acrylic (with adhesive) to hide the bolt that secures the top of the case to the bottom. I can see this working with a 3DP bottom as well and you could certainly make a very large Bezel if you were using an acrylic top.

This is what I ended up with for SA Tatooine. It’s on an XD68 PCB, since it allowed me to use all of the novelties (aside from the alternate Enter key of course). It has a carbon fiber plate and 67g Zealios switches.

The case is one that I designed a while ago. I think it works pretty well with this keyset, and I also like the beige/tan against the colorful keys. I printed it in beige PLA filament and then sanded it using progressively finer sandpaper until the surface was extremely smooth. It looks almost like polished wood now. I’m actually pretty impressed.

I’m not sure about the alternate Jabba Enter key. It might be a little too much color?


Looks phenomenal

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Wow, gorgeous!

I prefer it without the Jabba alternate enter, but I think it would grow on me quite quickly :relaxed:

I made a video about the process of making this board. It’s geared toward the general public and not keyboard enthusiasts, but maybe someone will find it interesting.


You’ll need something with a macro column, like the KBD75, or another 75% board, if you want to employ every novelty on every row. Initially, I was going to propose keyboard with an 1800 layout because these frequently have large bezels. The R2 and R3 novelties would have nowhere to go on 1800 boards because they lack macro columns, unless you put them on the number pad.

Thanks, although as you can probably see above I have already built the keyboard.

By the way, I recently decided to try the Tape Mod Customization service from KBDFans (where they will print off an image you upload so you can use it as part of a tap mod). I uploaded a screenshot from A New Hope and I think it turned out pretty decent, even if it didn’t really change the sound much (I also put a couple of layers of blue tape on first). I like the idea that this image is hidden inside my keyboard.

Here is the link to the tape mod customization service page. Honestly, pretty nice for $3.


That’s awesome!

The result is fantastic!

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