Help me with my first full Custom GB board!

Ah…good idea.
Those are EPS, Expanded polystyrene.

That sounds cool but whenever I handled those they stick to everything. Maybe someone that knows anything about electrostatic discharge can chime in, to me using a filler that carries static charges doesn’t sound safe. Or maybe ESD protection laughs in the face of styrofoam balls, I wouldn’t know.

Hmm, that’s true. But there is something similar made of some kind of fiber used for children crafting.

You definitely do not want to use ESP in your keyboard, the major reason being that the bead form especially isn’t as soft as we think and the air cells are inside the bead, so while it would reduce sound by taking space inside the keyboard inexpensively, the small balls aren’t ideal and they may even get into places you don’t want them in.

That’s only a problem if u try to compress them.

No I meant, if you leave them loose… They are gonna get everywhere… :joy:

That’s why they should be between the case and PCB. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh that reminds me…
I have seen foam placed between PCB and plate and between case and PCB.
Which one should I go for?

In the end, I have closed my choices down to EVA foam or Silicone foam.

Recommend please?
I have been thinking of EVA for between the plate and PCB… And silicone foam for under the PCB.

Both imo, although I think between plate and PCB makes more difference.

Yeah, I have decided to try both.
Any idea of the standard thickness required for between PCB and Plate?
For the space between pcb and case, I know it’s 2mm so need for the other one.

EDIT: Nasp replied, 4mm for between PCB & Plate. He is sending me a file for me to use to get someone like MKUltra to CNC the foam for me.

OK so I think I made a mistake… I think.
Krytox GPL 205g0 is the one mostly everyone uses for Linear switches and stabs right?
Well, the only I can get off KPrepublic is g2.
Is there a lot of difference?

I don’t remember witch way it goes, if g2 has a higher or lower viskosity. Other than that it’s the same.

It’s higher viscosity… I can still use it right?
Or should I mix it up with 205g2:105g0 as 2:1?

Well, 105 is like oil right? So that would only increase the viscosity?

It will increase the viscosity?
But… 105g0 is less viscous and 205g2 is more viscous than g0… So shouldn’t a mixture reduce the over all viscosity of 205g2 since 105g0 is much less viscous than the 205g0, yet 205g2 isn’t as highly viscous from 205g0 as 105g0 is of lower viscosity?

Or can I use 205g2 directly without worry?

Well I got it all mixed up so just reverse what I said. :wink:

A mix of the two should give you 205g0.

Ah thanks!
Also a question… I am getting 5g of each. I know I will need maybe 3 to 4 drops of 105g0 to bag lube 80 springs, or almost just as much to do them manually… (any benefit of doing so manually over bag lube? All 80 can be bag lubed at same time right?).
And 205g2 for a single 2u stab.
And 205g2+some 105g0 mix for 80 housing plus stem.
Would 5g of each 105g0 and 205g2 be enough? Since I actually don’t need much of either separately and mostly need a mix of them for the stems and housing.

1g of each should be more than enough.

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That’s way less than I thought… XD