Help with order from Norbauer

I placed few pre-orders over the holidays.

I have gotten an email Feb 14th states one of the items will be shipped. As of today the USPS tracking is inactive and I have not received any package.

Multiple emails sent to went unanswered.

Should I be concerned?


No, but their shipping is kind of slow.

And I’m being kind.


@norbauer @altano hope you guys can sort it out for him.

Weird, mine are mostly prompt

@Extra_Fox is right; our shipping is slow. It’s just not what we choose to prioritize.

But an email should never, ever go unanswered. Personal and helpful correspondence is extremely important to us—so much so that I’m shocked that this could possibly have occurred, let alone for multiple emails, without something highly unusual going on. Can you PM me your email address and I’ll look into it?


I will echo this. Shipping can be very slow, but it does ship eventually. I’ve purchased Norbauer products over the years and I’ve received everything I bought. Though shipping may not be prioritized, they’ve got no complaints from me with regards to customer service. If something showed up not as expected, Norbauer and crew did everything they could to make it right, up to and including sending replacement/supplementary housings and plates. As frustrating as the wait can be, I’m not disappointed with my keyboards.

Hi, Ryan

Thanks for looking into this. I have no issue with slow shipping per day—so long the communication is clear and expectations are set accordingly.

Appreciate your help.


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Do not put your private info on a post. Your are better of DMing Norbauer.

FWIW my 2 cents, I have always had good communication with Norbauer and Co on my orders. I feel somewhat bad communicating so much back and forth with them but its the nature of a boutique purchase.


I guess I should clarify as well that I’ve not been disappointed by the products themselves. I’m quite happy with both of my cases and I expect the product I’m waiting on will be similarly good.

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For anyone concerned about the implication that we’re ever not answering client inquiries, I just wanted to provide an update that I spoke with the OP and it appears that there was an issue with his mobile email client that caused the messages to us not actually to be sent. If anybody ever sends us a message and doesn’t hear back for several days, feel free to PM me. That should never happen (and, as far as I know, generally doesn’t).

Not at all. We’re always here and happy to help.

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