Everyone knows losing your nuts sucks, as well as your screws, your springs, your stems, your marbles. And using a boring, uncustomized parts tray with only one magnet is pretty uncool, so that’s what HexTrays are for!


  • Cool geometry!
    Hexagons look way cooler than lame-o circles, and they tile together on your desk to look even cooler!

  • Colors!

    Normal metal gets boring over time, and variety is the spice of life! Right now I’ve got 11 different colors I can print these in with a couple more I’m actively working on calibrating for while writing this post. Multi-color per tray might be a future addition if there’s good response.

  • Magnets!
    Common circular parts trays might have one magnet, but HexTrays have 12 compact tiny gravity rocks in each one! These let you stack them together for storage or to make an enclosed container to keep your tiny bits inside and unwanted hands and paws out. They’ll also stick to metal surfaces, in case you wanna store them on your fridge to hide some tiny snacks in. Of note, there’s no magnets in the center meant to hold screws and stuff. The edge magnets will pull some bits to them, but the focus is on the stacking function.

  • Internal dividers!
    Normal circle trays you get one divider option:none. Sometimes you don’t want all your delicate bits intermingling together, so you need dividers!. Right now HexTrays have three divider options: None, half, and third. And those dividers match up when you use another as a lid, so you can be doubly sure your gubbins are thoroughly separated. More divider options could be available on demand.

  • Even more customization on demand!
    If the options here aren’t enough, then by golly we’ll just have to fix that! Just hit me up with requests and I’ll let you know if it’s doable. Colors, decorations, etc.

Physical specs: Approx 112mm×100mm×8.4mm outside, approx 98mm×86mm×7.5mm inside. 23g-26g depending on dividers.

Glamor shots:

I’m hoping to have these up for order on my site by the end of the week, though I am having to figure out how I’m going to do shipping for these since I don’t want to trust just bubble mailers, especially in the summer heat.

Feedback please!


Hot damn that’s a cool idea! Can you stack trays with different dividers together?

Yep, they’re all stackable in several orientations. The magnets alternate polarity per-side so they can be stacked upwards and flipped in 120° rotated increments.

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I love this concept! I’m currently using some small rice bowls as my trays for work, but these definitely look much nicer. I also really like the color selection, that purple looks so vibrant :heart_eyes:

Now available! All the important info should be there in the description, but if you have any questions just ask.