✨ Hey y'all, I'm iaman ✨


Hi folks! I’m iaman (they/them), I’ve been in the hobby for a few years now but have mostly just lurked around various forums! Got into mechanical keyboards cause I spend most of my day typing (I build websites, I’ve probably worked on a few websites y’all have seen since I work for Cards Against Humanity and Blackbox) and wanted a better typing experience than laptops allow.

My first keyboard mod was a weird paint-over of a cheap, terrible keyboard’s keycaps for an installation of GREAT ARTIST:

(it’s an interactive piece where every key does some kind of different image manipulation or sound effect; I didn’t make the game but we wanted to have it at an event with a keyboard that invited folks to play around and understand it more intuitively than a standard keyset tends to allow)

My first serious mech keyboard purchase was a das (I imagine this is true for a number of folks here?) with MX blues that has since become my partner’s primary keyboard:

Then I moved over to using a K-Type (which I’m using to type this right now) that still has the Clears from that drop (although I’ll be replacing them with 62g Zealios when the V2s ship to me), which had some shine-through caps before I replaced them with GMK Laser:

Then I just had to stop typing on a miserable Apple keyboard at work, so I grabbed a Ducky One with MX Clears:

And then I got sick of staring at a board without LEDs at work so I grabbed a CTRL and built it out with V1 Zilents (will likely be replaced with V2 Zilents when those ship):

Now I’ve got some LFKPad PCBs shipping to me so I can pair my TKLs with numpads since I desperately miss being able to type numbers rapidly.


Hey welcome to the site! Looks like your off to a great start with your collection!


Thanks for the welcome! Super inspired by all the neat custom stuff going on in the community, makes me want to get to working with the Glowforge we’ve got in the office!


Welcome to the community! Can’t wait to see what you contribute!


Well it’s a bit of a weird first contribution, but, hey! I just added support for vertically-oriented animations to the Massdrop CTRL & ALT keyboards. :joy:


Welcome welcome!