HHKB Rebuild & Lubing Log & Guide


The sound after rebuild is fantastic. Nice work.

BTW, why you drilled holes on stab keys for mx sliders however switched back to topre sliders? Anything wrong with mx sliders?

So no one lubes the sliders or edges of the slider holes? My HHKB felt scratchy until I lubed the edges lightly with Cristo-Lube MCG 111.

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Very enjoyable to watch. Where did the HiPro keycaps come from?

2 different keyboards;
A majority of them came from a Justsystem Hipro keyboard (white version).
2 of the keycaps, the enter key and spacebar, came from a standard ANSI hipro keyboard.

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Nothing particularly wrong with MX sliders, I just didn’t need them in the build anymore once I got the hipro keycaps as those only work with topre stems

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I lubed just the inside of the housings on my 660C with VPF1514 when I did mine, since it was super smooth stock already. I mean when you think about it just lubing either the sliders or housings should result in a nice uniform thin coating on both after some break in use, well in theory it should at least… :thinking:

Was tempted to to try some MCG 129 on the housings when I recently swapped domes from BKE extremes to BKE heavies. Although I did really get super lucky on the plastic lottery with my 660C & all the keys are even smoother than originally now that it’s been broken in (well the stabs were super rattly when it was stock but some 3204 fixed that right up). So I’m still hesitant to use a heavier lube or mess with the sliders again at all in fear any changes will make it feel worse. Also I wasn’t really trying to have to pop all the sliders out & clean the 1514 off them + the housings, LOL! :upside_down_face:

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Haha. I had similar terrible experience when I tried 3203 and it dripped onto HHKB PCB, disabling some keys. It didn’t improve the feel much either. But MCG 111 felt smoother, added little or no drag, and (more importantly) stayed in place.