Hi everyone i'm dahlia!

hi everyone!! i’m dahlia. new to the forum but not new to the hobby !

I’ve been into mechanical keyboards/accessories since 2016 and got my first keyboard in 2017! I used to be more into keyboards, but as of a year I’ve been more obsessed with artisans! I have about… 7 keyboards with 1 more on it’s way! A healthy mix of both vintage and modern boards. I also have a crazy artisan collection that I’m trying to cut back on…with no luck, lol!

I’m in the healthcare field (which I love!), but all keyboards have to be easy to sanitize, so I can’t really use a mechanical keyboard outside of my house ): Anyways, I found my way into the hobby via my love of gaming. I checked out a streamer’s computer peripheral list one day and found myself googling what a mechanical keyboard was. Since then I’ve been hooked.

I try my best to give back to the keyboard community and be involved. I sew keyboard sleeves and wrist rests and I am currently sculpting a few artisan designs I have. I also draw stickers/icons for makers in the community. I hope to be able to contribute more to the hobby !


Welcome! - interested to see what kind of stuff you are making or are working on! How hard of a learning process has it been for making artisans?

I am mostly working on spooky and cute-ish caps with a touch of my heritage on them! So think witchy stuff and Latin American monsters (: i’ve been trying to keep all my designs under wraps for now. As for the learning process, it’s been a little tough! i’ve always been a little artsy, so sculpting is not much of a problem for me, it’s the casting and coloring that is hard ): but practice makes perfect. eventually i’ll make something i like and want to share!


Chupacabra --> Chupakeybra?

Pistaco --> Pistakey?

I don’t know anything that might work for Duende or La Llorona :thinking:

Welcome to the community!

Seeing keycaps with a Brujah flair would be fantastic!

good guesses! half of those are the monsters i’ll be using ! :smiley: i do agree it is hard to come up with the names though, i suck at that!!


thank you!! coincidentally that’s the name i’m giving for my little cap brand (: Bruja’s cottage or Bruja’s keys, something along the likes. hope I’ll be able to share my creations with you all!!!

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Welcome to the forum! Are you based somewhere in Latin America? It’s always nice to see keyboard lovers from this part of the worlds. There’s not many of us around here. :smile:

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no, i’m in southern california! my parents are from latin america and i just try my best to keep my culture close to me :slight_smile:! hopefully i can represent my everything respectfully!

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