Hi from Denmark


So my name is Kim and I am the guy behind the tiny blog mechkeys.tech . I have been a long-time mechanical keyboard addict and lurker on most forums about this subject.
You can find me on reddit as well under /u/kimusan.

Have around 30 different mech keyboards these days - many customs and some normal commercial ones (there are “family pictures” on the blog).

Hope to find some nice info and discussions here (when I at some point get used to the crappy layout this forum uses).


Välkommen, that blog looks really cool tbh! Have you assembled any of the 25 macropads?


Always love your projects, if I remember correctly it was you that first got me off using just Reddit and onto discord.

Could I have my life back please?


You belong to me now. There is no escape. Only the slow track towards nothingness.

Also hi Kim! Hope you are well


Hi guys.
@ChrisSwires At least we are together in this no-life kind of life and we have keyboards :smiley:
@westfoxtrot yeah point of no return was reached a long time ago.


I have a few assembled use them as split keyboard from time to time. There is a few pics of my initial build of the left-hand split on my IG profile https://www.instagram.com/mechkeys.tech/


Just another Dane passing through. :relaxed:


We should see if we could make a DK meetup or discord server at some point. I dont know how many MK fans we have in Denmark but I do meet some out there from time to time.