Hi from Spain


Hi Everyone,
I’m Alex from Spain.

I bought my first mech 1.5 years ago, a Varmilo VA88M Mac CMYK with Cherry Browns for my home station and I fell in love with the typing feeling.

Now I’m planning my first (Home) & second (Office) build.
Already have:

  • DZ60
  • GMK Screw-in lubed stabs
  • Gateron Browns (Home) / Slient Aliaz 60g (Office)
  • 60% PC Plate (Home) / Don’t know (Office)
  • Frosted Acrylic Case (Home) / Maybe 3D (Office)
  • QMK Custom keymap (done but not tested)

Waiting for:

  • Custom from Maxkeyboards (ABS I know U_U) / Custom DSA from Pimpmykeyboard

I’ve decided to make two builds because I’m converting from ISO-ES to ANSI (easier to find keycaps) and I thought that it would be better to change everything than having ANSI at home and ISO at the office.

Edit: Formatting
Edit2: Changed office switches


Good luck with the builds! Make sure to properly lube your stabilizers. Otherwise, they’ll make horrible noises and ruin your builds. :slight_smile:


Welcome! I’m also new to the hobby. Will be interested to hear how your builds go. Good luck! :slight_smile: