Hi, I am dilbertprogrammer

Hello friends! I am dilbertprogrammer. I am a long-time mechanical keyboard user, and heavy MK enthusiast and evangelist over the last several years. I have a BS degree in Computer Science, have been working in Information Systems – as a programmer, analyst, and manager – for over two decades. I currently manage a team of six software developers. I’ve been to a handful of MK meet-ups, and always make an effort to meet up with fellow enthusiasts when I travel.

I love experiencing as much what this awesome community has to offer. I love trying new layouts, switches, keeb materials, keycap profiles, etc when building new custom keyboards, and enjoy vintage keyboards as well.

Looking forward to experiencing keebtalk to the fullest!



Glad to have you here! I’ve been wanting to go to a MK meet-up lately, but there haven’t been any nearby since I’ve been a member of the community. Maybe one of these days I’ll try to organize one!

Thank you @ode! MK meet-ups are great fun. I can’t recommend them enough! You get to meet cool folks, experience other builds and unique boards firsthand, and make lasting friendships.


Hey @dilbertprogrammer! Great to see another fellow old-school GeekHacker over here. :blush:

Thank you sir! And thank you for getting this fine forum setup!