Hi, I am ODIN

Hello fellow clackers

I am ODIN from Germany and a relatively new member to this awesome community. About half a year I would say.
My favourite layout is 65%-70% because I enjoy dedicated arrow keys as well as a compact form factor. I dont really have a favourite switch but in general, I love complicated Alps, vintage blacks and most Kailh BOX switches.
Regarding keycaps, I prefer PBT Dye-Subs because I dont like the shine that starts to appear on ABS caps after some use. In terms of keycap profiles, I enjoy high profiles a bit more but I am always open to try out new ones.

If you like to, you can visit my Instagram page, on which I post keyboard related content regularly: https://www.instagram.com/mech.by.odin/

Furthermore I am planning to create a YouTube channel in order to publish reviews, build time lapses, typing test and guides/ tutorials.
Build streams would be amazing too, in order to get in touch with members of the community in real time.

Thanks a lot for reading through this and I hope to see you soon!

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Welcome! another EU representative!!

Some great pics on your instagram - and I’m def a 65% fan myself!

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Thank you