Hi I’m digitaldruglord, and I’m a Keeb addict

Hey there everyone! New to the site, fairly new to keebs, but I’ve gone through probably 25+ boards in the last year since I got into the hobby!

Big split, and ergo fan

Current daily drivers on rotation are:
-Atreus62 w/ modified profet case, Outemu Sky v2.2’s lubed with 3204, and epbt blanks

-Ergodox EZ with Tealios and SA Oblivion

-Ergodox Infinity with Solarized Dark and Mod M’s

-Iris with r11 67g zealios, custom case

I like laser cutting acrylic cases, pcb design, and long walks on the beach.

Currently making an Alice layout pcb and acrylic case that runs on QMK, that I should have ready to show everyone in a few weeks :grimacing:


Welcome @digitaldruglord! I’m a fellow Tealio lover.

I like the aesthetics and lighting of your photo above, btw. And that cable. :slight_smile: