Hi, I’m not a muppet

I’m just some random old guy who shows up at meetups and bores people to death about the clear superiority of MT3 profile over every other profile. Other than that, I just smile and nod a lot.

I’m beaker on Discord and FucklingBumSquat on r/mk. I like box navies and heavy metal from the 70s. I promise I won’t spill beer on you.

That’s about it. Other than that I’m old enough to be somebody’s dad, or at least one of you, for sure.

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ayyy you’re the man. glad to see you here.

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Ayo 0/

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Hey man - glad I’m not the only dad age guy :slight_smile:

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So the old boys like MT3. I’m a child of the 70s and MT3 is my personal preference for my daily driver.

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Agreed. At 37, I’m a keyboard geriatric. Glad to know I’ve got some others here in the retirement home.

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It’s even going to get better when you’ve reached the grand dads age gifting your grandkids their first mechanical keyboard (even though they love blinky rgb, but sometimes compromises are needed :slight_smile: )

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@funkden You make a good point. I think older folk immediately “get” MT3, as do retro board enthusiasts. Fizz bought a set after trying mine, he said. I’m always up for proselytizing.

If I ever meet Matt3o I’m going to embarrass myself as a fanboy. I held it together pretty well talking to Sickler at KeyCon, other than pumping his arm and gushing about how awesome it was he made a switch JUST FOR ME! I’d probably slobber on Matt3o.

Yeah, well anyway, this seems like a really nice forum. I think I’ll hang out.

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@norbauer Yeah, I’m not young at heart, I’m just immature.

My son is super excited about your upcoming project by the way, I think he bought the FC 660c only so he could put it in one of your cases. He did toss out all the stock Topre rubber and put in BKE heavies, a move his father thoroughly approved of. I might have to steal it from him after he’s all done.

Haha. Your son has excellent taste. :slight_smile: Dome-swapping brings one into the Topre elite for sure.

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@beaker Yes, it seems a bit more useable than geekhack, I did struggle with it a bit and the design was too offputting.

If you see any spare sets of beige modifiers on /dev/tty give me a ping! Thanks!

Heres the /dev/tty daily driver: Post Your Keyboards! - #50 by funkden

@funkden I bought an assortment of child kits, not knowing at the time what I was going to build. The grey/beige modifiers though, I put on my board. I have any number of strange novelties left over (I mostly only wanted the yellow WASD cluster). I plan on building a E-Spectro for my brother-in-law, so went in for Rd 2 of the MT3 and bought the base kit, grey mods, and the Triumph num pad for that. Not sure if I’ll need any of my left over odd unit caps for that build.

Are you looking for novelties?

@beaker Maybe, what do you have? The “any key” keycaps and the icons might be of interest. I only have the Triumph modifiers though, so might look a bit weird, but if you are looking to shift them. Are you EU or US based?

@funkden I’m US based. I’m not looking to sell keys or anything. I was under the impression that you needed some to complete a build, in which case I would be happy to help if I could.

Nah, Im just a /dev/tty hoarder. I am really after some beige mods which I missed on R2. I have a need for modifiers for my second set. No worries