Hi, I'm arninja21


Hi guys,

arninja21 signing in keebtalk. I’v been in the community for about 2 years. Started with an Anne pro, then a Tada68 and finally found myself joining the Rubbre domeh cult… Bought 2 HHKBs… I regularly watch top clack and though i found my preferred keyboard early, i still enjoy trying out other board in our local meet ups. On our local meet ups, I once explained how why I preferred HHKB over other keyboards using a powerpoint presentation. I also bought my girlfriend a Melody96 and she definitely loves it.

I like how simple and easy to use keebtalk is. More power to everybody behind it!


Lucky girlfriend! I got my wife an acrylic 5 degree that she loves. Makes my purchases sort of justifiable.


Nice! a 5 degree is an awesome case. KBDfans always have great products and I’m waiting for their HHKB version of the tofu case!!!