Hi I'm evangs


hi I’m evangs.

I started out as a community member looking for a quieter key switch (cherry blues were my first mech switch). Eventually I designed the MiniVan 40% keyboard and co-founded TheVan Keyboards.

I still have a day job as a software developer for a large payment processing company.

I am married to a wonderful woman and have a beautiful daughter.

In my free time I like to play some wingman on counter strike or a league game here and there.


Hey @evangs! Happy to see you here too :slight_smile:


Welcome man :slight_smile:




Welcome welcome!


Hey! Good to see you here!


Good to see you here! The MiniVan was my first build and started this crazy hobby for me.


that’s awesome to hear :slight_smile:


Hello Evan, nice to see you around here.


Do you think there is a significant portion of the community that won’t buy a MiniVan if it didn’t have the option to have a 1u rightshift? I’ve literally never used right shift before, not once, and theres a lot of potential to utilize that space better. I often wonder about individual usecases, like, coders, designers, bank tellers, artists, multilingual users. I feel like our designs don’t tend to cater to these people as well as they could, because the community would and should be so much bigger. These are people who’s livelihood depends on their typing efficiency. Its a really easy sell, especially to a business that want to give employees a Christmas gift or something.


You can put whatever you want there. It’s fully programmable meaning you can move everything. Make a layout that works for you. Steven does all our artwork, renders, etc and he makes the board work for him. I write code, do cad work, pcb design and I make my board work for me. @jetpacktuxedo has a completely different layout than me, but he’s made it work for him and others.


Glad to have you here, my dude.


Can confirm, my layout is very different from the default. Note the far right 1u key that is usually shift I map as a dual function key that acts as shift when tapped and /? when tapped (and | when tapped on layers). With 40s it is super important to put things where they make sense to you rather than where they made sense to the person who designed the board.

Evans layout obviously works for him, but even just looking at it it looks nuts to me lol. I’m sure mine looks the same to him. Different things make sense to different people, and that’s why everyone should use programmable boards!


I am a huge fan of your layout, it made the Minivan make sense to me. I have my own layout that is heavily inspired on yours, so thank you for that!

I am also a huge fan of @evangs and TheVanKeyboards. I am planning on doing a video of how feasible it is to use a Minivan on your day to day activities, even if you’re a code like me and rely on symbols and separate layers. It just becomes second nature.


Good to hear! That’s why I put so much work into documenting what I did and why. :grin:


This means there is a 50% chance that we were co-workers at some point in time.


:open_mouth: very interesting.


Welcome~~ :fox_face:
i love TheVan Keyboards