Hi, I'm Fazhaa

Hey all,

Fazhaa here (Fashaa, but with a z instead of s sound… it’s freaky deaky dutch.) I’m fairly new to the community (coming up on a year) and a mere few miles down the rabbit hole. I went from a GK64 (sorry Huey, I know you find the 2u shift blasphemous, but it was so hard to give up my arrow keys and I needed some hotswap to try all the switches) to a Tina and now have a HS60 powered Klippe and a few group buy boards in many sizes on the way. Currently loving me some 78g zilents at work where I’m a glorified typer, aka sw dev.

I’m typically floating around discord/gh/rmk/kt waiting for build vids and Top Clack episodes so that I eventually have enough confidence to lube up some switches. Looking forward to this new venture and soaking up the collective knowledge of all you amazing people!

Also, my reddit and gh handle are both Keebmeupscotty… I made accounts right around the time that Sir Norb announced the Galaxy Class set and thought it was pretty clever at the time…


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First of all welcome!

I just recently upgraded the springs in my zilents from 62g to 78g and I love it so far. Have you tried lubing them yet? I found it makes a world of difference in the quality of feel.

Thanks! I just got them recently, so not yet. I think I need to do a bit more research and watch some vids before I feel comfortable lubing them, but I’ll definitely have to. Everyone is saying lube is necessary for them to be at their best.