Hi, I'm Hope


Hey everyone, I’m Hope; long-time lurker, ortholinear fan, and typing sound connoisseur.

I’ve been watching the keyboard community quietly from behind my computer screen for a couple of years, now, and with two prebuilts, a custom and one planned build (someone sell me halo stems pls) behind me, I think it’s about time to enter the community for real.

As far as interests are concerned, I LOVE typing sound videos. In fact, I have a playlist of then on youtube, updated and curated by myself. You can reach it here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRSVFjYYMiIXRI3jXGkPILaHT2qtQKmvx Each channel that is featured on the playlist has been fully examined for only the best clack porn, so if there are any channels that I haven’t seen before, let me know and I’ll watch through them. There are a couple rules to be aware of, concerning the playlist.

  1. No intros, Channels like Rhinofeed, with their 10+ second musical intros are off limits. clacks only
  2. Finger snaps and some words are allowed
    (Literally a couple)

Pretentious ramblings about my keyboard mix aside, I’m currently planning my second custom, so If anyone has recommendations (or halos), I’d be delighted.

I’m also currently in the process of designing a case and plate for my personal build. Maybe ill hook up with a GB runner if they turn out good.

Quick keyboard history before school starts: I started out with a corsair strafe RGB, later moved on to a fc660c, that I’ve got BKE redux domes in now as well as some thick l u b e; now I’ve got an unfinished planck, that I plan on using as a daily driver whenever I finish building it (and the case arrives).

Anyway, I’m done taking up your time; hope you enjoyed reading. That’s all, folks.


Hi there! Let us know how your next custom build goes. Looking forward to seeing the finished build!