Hi, I'm itchybun

Ever since I got my first ThinkPad (T42p) during univerty, I got hooked on its keyboard. So much so, in fact, that my second laptop was another ThinkPad (T510) even though it was inferior to the competition in many other aspects.

When I re-entered the workforce, I couldn’t stand the company-provided rubber domes. I went for tactiles for my first mech, a Filco TKL with MX browns (the bottom one where I’ve replaced the caps recently).

After 10 years, the Filco became increasingly unenjoyable due to ABS shine, stem rattle, unlubed stabs, spring ping, hollow case – all of which I didn’t know were keeb modding staples and DIY fixable. So earlier this year I did the uninformed thing and replaced the Filco with another prebuild, a Ducky One 2 TKL with MX blues, only to realize:

  1. MX Blues are much louder than a certain Ducky sound comparison video made me believe (maybe the Minis actually sound like that?)
  2. I really dislike its pre-travel and sound signature, regardless of the loudness.
  3. I can look into modding, instead of shelling out another 120 Euro (lol that would’ve been a bargain in hindsight, but boring).
  4. The custom keeb rabbit hole is deeeeep. And fun. Glad to have found this place!
  5. Waiting for parts sucks though. Especially with the limited local supply in Europe and during COVID-19.

Anyways, right now I’m looking into testing many switch types before replacing the MX switches, and picking one for my first 60% from scratch.

In fact I’ve already replaced some switches on the Filco for a more realistic test, and have found that I actually like, for instance, Kailh Speed Silver, a linear, more than expected, and its tactile sibling, Speed Copper, much less than expected. It’s both exciting and scary that I can no longer exclude entire switch types. Paradox of choice and all.

I should probably make build plan / log posts before rambling on; but first I do want to post an intro, as this really seems like a great community.



My first two decent boards were a Ducky One with MX blues and a Filco MJ2 with MX browns - and I still love them. The great thing about Filcos is the availability of aftermarket cases, which is otherwise fairly rare for pre-builts. They also use a fairly standard PCB layout, meaning that a handful of other boards will fit in those cases, too. Honestly, I think a Majestouch is totally worth modding once you’ve tried plenty of switches.

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Welcome !

Why shell out another 120Eur on a new board when you can spend another 350 Eur on the one you already have ? :))

Let me teach you :slight_smile:

Add a metal case :

Add zealios silent switches (linear/tactile). Silent switches are the way to go if you like … silence.

Add a programable controller, if you can find one :slight_smile: https://www.1upkeyboards.com/shop/controllers/filco-pegasus-hoof-controller/

Add a custom keycap set, let’s say GMK Dolch.

Voila ! You’ve now made your keyboard worth more than your laptop ! Enjoy !

Edit: another route you can take is sell the Filco and get a Leopold FC750R PD with your desired switches from what’s available. You get nicer keycaps and a more premium overall feel, but you will need to mod that a little too (lube stabilizers,maybe add prefered switches)


Thanks for the warm welcome and advices already!

Yeah my plan is to keep modding and shape the Filco into my linear and the Ducky my tactile, while keeping an eye on the costs. I’m not yet crazy enthusiast enough to drop that kind of money on one aluminium case. I’m already over that amount spent, mind you, with all the tools, switches, lube, etc. But I figure it’s more meaningful value to spend on things I can do and try, rather than singular expensive items.

In modding the Filco I was quite impressed how much the sound has improved just with dampening foam, lubing and PBT caps. I might be already approaching my personal point of diminishing returns when the poorly lubed browns are replaced. I’d rather explore other form factors and options (60%, split, columnar staggered, rotary encoder) instead of doing more on the Filco.

I’ve actually tried Zilent v2 (62g and 67g were the only ones I could get). I really liked them naked, but in a board, the pronounced tactile bump seems to hinder the upbounce (if that’s the correct term); I need to consciously lighten the finger lest the key remains down. This is especially bad with the weaker 62g spring. Now I’m a bit concerned about the Holy Pandas that are already paid for but will only arrive in 2 months or so. But on the bright side, I can put the expensive Zilents to rest. (And there’s always Mechmarket if I end up hating the Holy Pandas.)

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Very nice, I like what I’m hearing :slight_smile:

Enjoy the rabbit hole !

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