Hi, I'm Kekkles

Hi, I’m Kekkles, or Mark
I’d describe myself as a hole digger. I’ve bounced around different hobbies and such I’ve dug many money pits in the span of 2 years. I have a lot of strange hobbies, like for a good while I was building gunpla and doing photography editing, I even did some filmwork on cars and small movies. But my oldest hobby would be mechanical keyboards. When I stopped playing halo and started getting into computers I always pictured being one of those hackers on tv typing with speeds of 200+ wpm. Sadly I am not that fast, but during middleschool when we had a “learn how to type” class I was always the fastest one so theres that.

My first board was a hand-me-down from my grandfather a blue label Model M. Currently I own 4 boards a Tada68 with gateron silent reds, a kbd75 with hako trues, Realforce TKL A, and my favorite by far my HHKB Professional 2 (silenced and lubed with a hasu controller). I also have some ink switches that I have yet to find a board for.

Can’t wait to see what is to come!


Howdy Mark!

Gunpla? Photo/film? Keyboards? Are we best friends now? :smiley:
Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

I hope you find a home for those ink switches soon, I have the same dilemma of not knowing where I should put them just yet :thinking: