Hi, I'm Klutz

Hello all!

I am a new member of the keyboard community, with my first board being an IDB60. I am excited to interact and work with the community! I am an industrial designer, having mainly worked with CNC workstations, and I would love to try designing my own keyboard. Happy Clacking!


Welcome man!

And goodbye to your money lol

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Welcome !

CNC stuff makes you popular here :smile:

What’s your favourite design & layout after lurking @ the forums ?

What about keycaps/switches?

So true :rofl:

BTW: Welcome Klutz!

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Hmm. Going off of designs and layoutes, I have fallen in love with the Duck aesthetic, along with many of LZs designs. As for layout, I have actually been using an HHKB layout IDB, and am loving it, so HHKB is probably going to be my main! Switches, I am a linear nerd. Before getting into the enthusiast community, I had been using a Cherry G80-1000 at work with vintage blacks, and just fell in love. Still trying to bully my boss into letting me take it home!