Hi! I'm Lbassett_21

Hey there!

My name is Luke and I have been a keyboard enthusiast for a little over a year or so now. This all started when i was browsing the front page of reddit and i came across a post on /r/mk. It intrigued me so much that i started looking deeply into this hobby! It took me a very long time (A little under a year) to finally get down what I wanted to do specifically and then I built my dream keyboard. Right now I am typing on a KBDfans R2 8x WKL with Holy Chickies and DSA Granite. It is currently my only board but I am in the process of ordering parts to make a Kayak (because i don’t have the money for a canoe lol). I also have an old 1995 AEK II that I found in the back of a closet!

I hope you enjoyed and I cant wait to be typing with you guys for years to come!

Also, if you were at: Keycon 2017, Boston Meetup 2017 or the Newark Meetup 2018, you’ve probably either seen me or my AEK II!


Welcome to the community Luke! Your collection sounds awesome, would love to see some pics! Cheers!

Ah yes DSA Granite is a fine looking set but what the hell are holy chickies? Also welcome!

Holy Chickies are Halo True stems inside a Cherry MX blue Housing. The holy comes from the halo stem and the chickie is the mixture of the words Cherry and Clicky. They are supposed to resemble holy panda’s but aren’t as good but a fraction of the price.

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