Hi! I'm Prof Griswald

Hi all, I’m Matt aka Prof Griswald (yeah yeah, I know, I spelled it wrong :slight_smile:) I’m based out of the UK, just outside London. I work as an SRE for a well-known open source software company.

I started off with a Varmilo VA69M with MX Browns, quickly decided I hated them, and promptly stuck it in a draw and forgot all about it. Fast forward through a lot of r/mk lurking, then r/mm lurking, then a deal on a JJ40 with jailhouse Blues I just couldn’t pass up. There started my never-ending quest for “the perfect tactile”. On I went, through Zealios, BOXs, and some almighty THOCKs, through HHKBs, Contras, Ergodox, and Redox, before ending up with a Mod-M bastard switch on a Tina-C. Finally satisfied with a tactile, I decided to see what all the fuss was with linears.

Oh boy. Here we go again. So far, we’re on a Tina-C with lubed Tealios, and the next build is a Minidox with lubed Vintage Blacks.

I never got into GH much, having come to keebs through r/mk, so I’m really glad to get in on KT “at the ground floor”, as it were.

Happy to meet you all!


Welcome! Sounds like you already fit in pretty well.

Must be about time to desolder that va69m and put some other switches in😜

Welcome and glad to see the UK continuing to represent here!

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I stumbled across some V1 Zealio housings and through some silent black stems in them and haven’t looked back. These and Green Alps are my fav linears. Good luck with the quest and welcome

Cheers Chris!

Cheers! If I hadn’t sold it on a couple months back, I absolutely would have :sweat_smile:

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I also moved from browns to tactiles to linears.

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welcome~~!! :fox_face:

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You may want to check out the Not-so-minidox - I built a standard Minidox, and it went together fine, but I just couldn’t quite do it. I’m pretty close to full speed on my Iris, but I never use the top row.

Unfortunately, at least right now, it looks like if you want to go with one of these, you need to hand-wire it because there’s no PCB. Luckily, even with the extra column of keys, it’s not so bad. I’m 3D printing the case for one myself right now :slight_smile:

That looks really interesting. I’ve gone in on the HeliDox GB, which looks to be quite similar, but I’ve been thinking about a handwired project to get stuck into and this might just fit the bill.

I’ve also got an Iris here that I’m waiting on a case for too :slightly_smiling_face: Every ergo I build seems to be smaller than the last :smiley:

God dammit, how did I not know about the HeliDox? I would have backed the hell out of that!

Sounds like you’re on the right path, my friend!

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