Hi! I'm RN00175!


Hey there Keebtalk! I’m RN00175, usually I just let people call me RN, or 175 online. On a few other platforms I go by izfanx, which 7th grade edgy me made up based on my name.

While I’m not new in the community, I’ve always been a lurker in the different mechanical keyboards community around the web. I got my first board 4 years ago but wasn’t active at all until 2 years ago when I moved in to the US. I purchased a Pok3r, went with it for a few months. I moved through 5 different boards, until I landed on my longest used board, the Southpaw Extended 65%, with the DC60 in the line up to switch in and out. And after 2 years of taking it all in and trying different things, I feel like I’m ready to be more active in the community.

While I’m at it introducing myself, I’d like to also introduce my own design, Voltex60. I plan to post something similar to an IC just to get feedback before moving on to try make a prototype. Thanks for looking!


Welcome to KT! The teaser has my interest for sure. Look forward to hearing more when you ready to reveal it!