HI, I'm Wolfman_21

HI there :wave: been lurking the forum for a while thought I’d make my first post.

Never really good at introductions, guess I’ll just tell you how I got into the MKB community.

In 2015/16 I had finished building my first PC, one thing I forgot to get was a new keyboard. I was looking around and knew I wanted something more robust than a regular keyboard something that had weight to it.

Then I learned about mechanical keyboards, something about them just immediately drew me in; the feel of typing on them was just different, enjoyable. So, I went to my nearest computer store, NCIX (rip). Had done research before hand and decide I wanted to get cherry mx browns, saw they had a one TKL Ducky Shine 3 left with browns.

At the time I wasn’t planning on buying more boards or thinking that this would become my new hobby. I love that keyboard, the orange led glow though the keycap, love the feel when typing on a tactile switch :). It’s still one of my favorites, and find my self going back to regularly.

A couple months had passed using it and was still lurking around r/MK looking at other.

A new world had opened for me learnt more about them, finding other type of keyboards, being fascinated by all the different keycaps color ways.

Honestly, I don’t know why I chose to delve deep into mechanical keyboards and be fine dropping thousands of dollars.

Maybe it’s the endless customization, or maybe it’s the community :smile:


Nice to meet you! I can definitely relate about being a lurker in the community for a while, and then not worrying too much about dropping thousands of dollars into the hobby. I think it’s a combination of the customization options, the community, and just the fun and feeling of building your own board.

Hope to see you around more!

The next thing you know it you’re surrounded by keyboards and like, “how did this happen!?”

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