Hi, it's me Merlin!

Hi all, Merlin here! You may know me as merlin36 on reddit or merlin64 on geekhack. With a new forum comes new chances to getting the name you want without adding digits or extra characters to the end! LOL.

I’ve been part of the community since about 2015, but have been lurking in and out of the many forums since about late 2013, early 2014.

My first mechanical keyboard was an IBM Model M i picked up from the local recycling store. After annoying the hell out of my coworkers I figured it was time to pick up my first modern mechanical. In 2015, I picked up a KUL ES87 from intelli78. It sported the most tactile stock MX switch in the world for quite some time along with Tai-Hao Olivetti doubleshot keycaps. I was living the dream of end game! But that didn’t last long.

These days I’m an active member of the QMK Firmware community, I have a small but growing keyboard related YouTube channel: MechMerlin, and I’ve even run a few GBs here and there.

I hope to see people at future meetups, most especially the upcoming Seattle one on July 28th! If not, I’ll see you all on the internets!


Hey Merlin! Good to see you! You got a cool Keyboard Mech background :slight_smile:

good to see you here!

about time you show up buddy! thanks for being such a great help in the community!

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Now I have someone who will enjoy my puns. Forum complete.

Glad to have you here :slight_smile:

ur a wizard Merlin

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Hello older twin

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Wondered if you were here under an alias. This forum will be better for having you here.

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