Hi-Pro Spacebar Question

Hello everyone, super quick question: how similar are SA and MT3 spacebars in dimension? I am looking to get a wooden spacebar from mountainblocks for an MT3 board, and I’m just wondering if SA will be too tall.

Thanks in advance, cheers!

You shouldn’t have any issues. But I wouldn’t recommend wooden spacebars anyway. They mess with the sound, looks, and feel of a board. I’d much rather just use the stock spacebar keycap.

Thanks for the response, I appreciate it.

I have to say my aesthetic preference differs a bit from the average Mech key lover, I hate aluminium and bright colours… (I know, I know). So, in terms of looks I actually love wooden keys, cases, plates etc.

And I really am curious about sound and feel. Wood always sounds better than plastics or metal when it comes to case material, in my opinion, so I’m curious what sound a key will produce.

I suppose I’ll just have to try it myself to see.

There are some good PC boards that are coming out around now too, so it might be worth it to look into going with those since you don’t like the sound/aesthetics of metal. I haven’t heard too many wooden boards; how would you describe their acoustic?

Ah yes PC. I actually really enjoy how it sounds, but it just looks so bad in my opinion. I’d love to try a PC plate though, that could be quite promising.

I only have small cases, as I only use ortho 40%s, so my cases don’t have a huge reverb chamber like some larger ones do. I use walnut cases and brass plates as I really like the combination’s sound signature. I also try to use Sorbothane lining on the bottom of my cases if there is space enough to accommodate it. All of this results in a sound signature which has absolutely no metallic ping. It is more percussive and deep, and sounds “natural”, if that makes sense.

Obviously, as with all things in this hobby, sound comes down to personal taste. I’ve found this combination of materials to be my personal favourite, though I’m not sure how many others feel the same.

I wish there was a better way to get Sorbothane, but I might try to get some 0.1 Silverstone lining. PC plates have a really cool sound signature and I would highly recommend them. And yeah, if you’re using smaller cases, especially with the lining, you’d have a really dense sounding board. Did you ever get a look at the artisan wooden board GB that happened?

Yeah it’s a shame it’s so tough to get, I was lucky and found it at a local shop for a great price. I just might have to give a PC plate a shot - another reason to justify a new build.

I don’t think I saw the GB you’re referring to, or I just can’t remember. I usually get my cases custom made as one-off commissions though, because with wood fully custom still ends up being the same cost as a small batch aluminum board.

PC plates are usually made for specific kits, but you might be able to find someone that can help cut a plate, such as Laserboost or 1up.

If you can get them commissioned it’s far more unique that way anyway, so I think that’s by far the best choice!

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