Howdy! Phitz here, very much a newbie

Finally getting around to the self-intro!

Very new to the whole mechanical keyboard scene; after the pandemic started, I ended up “fleeing” my Brooklyn home to a family place in Wisconsin. I realized I needed a keyboard for my WFH setup, and I started reading.

Dove right down the rabbit hole, reading and learning at least, and somehow it was a very comforting distraction from the madness outside. Ordered a super-cheap board off Amazon since I could get it quick and it gave me something to use while I learned more - an E-Element Z-88 (rgb, hotswappable brown switches, 81 keys). Then a switch tester. Then a set of dsa profile keycaps to try out. Then Drop pre-orders of a preonic and a high-profile Alt. A nice gradient set of keycaps now on the E-Element. Then a quickly delivered v60 Type-R with cherry reds to try out both linears and QMK.

In the meantime I’ve moved again, this time down to Florida (not feeling so good about that one now!), and waiting for the Preonic and Alt to ship (this week?). My wife doesn’t quite know what to make of it all but she’s glad it distracts me. Considering learning/practicing soldering sometime and starting to do more builds, but for now there’s enough other stuff to learn and try still.

In non-keeb stuff, I work as a software engineering manager, have spent years working in both Japan and China, and moved to NYC just before 9/11. Lurked here for a bit while seeing it’s a friendly place, and happy to introduce myself and join in.



Welcome down the rabbit hole! Great to see you’re trying out all sorts of different boards as well as looking at learning/practicing soldering for more builds.

Soldering will definitely open up a whole new realm of keyboard possibilities!

Any particular kind of build, keyboard, keyset, switch, or anything that “excites” you so far?


Yes, learning soldering will definitely be useful and is not that hard to learn.
Also with China made irons you don’t have to break the bank anymore.

I kinda wish this were a time when meetups were possible, as I’d love to just try out a bunch of different switches and styles without having to buy them all. I’m pretty interested in smaller and ortholinear boards - hence the preonic on order; a planck seems interesting but not sure I’m ready to jump that small yet? Also interested in split boards, so something like the ergodox seems interesting but that could be something that I end up attempting to build someday.
So far I think I like tactile switches better than linear - I have holy pandas on order, and I guess sometime I’ll probably end up lubing etc.; reminds me I want to get some foam for the Alt.
There’s just so many angles to approach it from - the different boards/sizes/layouts, to the aesthetics of keycaps (but also their feel and sound), and the feel and sound of switches. I guess I’m more interested in the feel of the switches and keycaps than in their sounds, and I enjoy the aesthetics of a good board/keycap look.

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Sounds like soldering will probably be on my calendar this fall…

Was a tactile guy at first, typed on Filco MX Browns for 10 years and zelios v2 for a full year.
Now enjoying linears, much less fatigue in my fingers :wink:

ayy phitz talked to you on some other threads! I just moved to Florida too haha, what part are you in?

also if you ever need any mechanical keyboard help or just want to chat my doors always open to voice chat or message! just shoot me a DM. I love talking to people. it’s my favorite thing about this hobby


In my experience, the rabbit hole just keeps getting more interesting…

Foam will be good for your Alt. Not sure what stock HP springs are like, but the Halos that came with my CTRL were super ping-y, and lubing the springs ended up making the most difference on its own, and makes a foamed board even better.

Ay @Goa! That’s right - were you around Orlando? I’m on the gulf coast near Ft. Myers/Naples. I really enjoy what a welcoming group it is on here.

@Deadeye - will definitely be ordering the foam. We’ll see what it feels and sounds like at the start and work from there, that should keep me busy at least for a little while hah