I got featured in the HHKB Spotlight! (both parts up!)

Read about me here!

Part 2 (released 10/28)


You’re in the history books now bud. Congrats!


Grats Huey! Well deserved recognition for all you do for the community bud! :smiley: :+1: :metal:


A.) That’s awesome; congratulations!

B.) I enjoyed the thoughtful answers.


50 keyboards

I’m surprised it’s not more tbh. Nice interview!!

Ah, so this must be endgame, right?

Very cool. And yes, very good answers. All things I wish for as well. Just let us know when they get that Centered USB version with the HiPro caps on it. Hook us up.

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Great interview!

Nice one Huey !



Solar, eh. Can I get the hookup! :wink:

Nice to know I have as many keyboards as Huey. I guess that means I have some serious p̶r̶o̶b̶l̶e̶m̶ hobby as well.


@Manofinterests You know, it became clear to me early on that rule #12 of cycling applies equally to the world of keebs. That is, the correct number of keebs is N+1, where N = the number of keebs you currently have.

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haha, s-1 is crucial.

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This is cool!

real dope :partying_face:

ooo soo cool!!

I’m new to HHKB but have the new Classic and the new Type-S. Where do you get keys like the ones in your pictures?

You have to take them off super rare topre boards

Ok thanks