I just built the least usable keyboard ever. AMA


Krelbit 350g Mega Blacks.
DSA Modern Hylian for the cherry on top (until it finds a more deserving home)

I am seriously regretting my life choices right now.


… but y tho?


for the karma mostly



I see nothing wrong here. Looks usable to me!


Must be the keycaps… How can one know which key is which???



Q1: Is a hotdog a sandwich?

Q2: Have you considered adding a solenoid?

Q3: But why?

Q4: Have you considered more blockers?

Q5: What’s your favorite kind of cake?

Q6: :thinking:


Q1: almost, but the bread needs to be top and bottom as opposed to left and right.

Q2: not actively and it probably won’t happen because of sheer laziness

Q3: you didn’t buy, you wouldn’t understand. (top clack feature when?)

Q4: i’m impressed more people haven’t blocked me by now

Q5: if it counts, brownies

Q6: image


What this keyboard really needs is a few keycaps in SA profile, somewhere on the homerow.



ps i had sa carbon on it for some photos but it’s my friend’s not mine.


No way to say no to a beautifull pussy, MIAU.


Yeah, black and short haired. Just the way I like it.




Don’t get fooled by the look, that’s a devil in disguise, like a lot of two legged counterparts :grin:


I mean, it’s not really ontopic, but than again, is there even such thing here?


:white_check_mark: Danger
:x: Fun

this keyboard is not a woman


You know, I’m seriously thinking about building a keyboard made of exotic switches, but every key would be another switch.

Is is possible to collect 66 of them? We’ll see.
Holy Panda, Zilent, Zealiostotle, GOTTA CATCH EM ALL


Might be a starting point.


Not bad! I think I’m going to actually buy this. Too bad it’s not a functional PCB.


Hey everyone, I appreciate that you all appreciate this board but let’s try and keep our compliments gender neutral. We want to be open and inviting to all genders and some may view the above comments (a few of which have been moderated) as offensive.

Thanks everyone, continue on roasting or complimenting this wonderfully small and irregular build.