I make Custom Key caps how is my first set :)? https://imgur.com/gallery/05A0dRq

I use a dye sublimation process and regular dyeing process to take white blank PBT keys and place different designs on them. The process isn’t perfect yet but I think it looks pretty sleek!


They look great! For ease of use, here’s the gallery:


You should be able to get the permission level to put links in your post body after you browse the site for a bit. Welcome to keebtalk!

Thank you for your help! I was trying to figure this out yesterday. I’m excited to be a part of the community!

Welcome! Those are looking killer for being done at home. Is it challenging to get the legends aligned and applied to those curved top surfaces? Looks like the kind of thing that would require both patience and skill…

that’s pretty cool and it’ll only get better