I use light theme on Keebtalk and Dark theme on Discord; am I crazy?


Are you an all dark theme user? Do you blind yourself with light themes? Genuinly curious because this site looks fine to me on the light theme, but discord’s light theme burns my eyes. Not sure why :thinking:

PS; in case you didn’t know how to change to dark theme on this site;

Click your icon on the upper right
Preferences (Gear Icon)

  • Default (Light)
  • Dark

Other settings you can change as well like your home page, etc.


I am afraid that you are crazy. Dark mode all the things.


I do the same. It might just be what I’m used to at this point.


I have the same set up here, light KT dark Discord


I’m with you, if it has a dark mode that’s what I’ll be using.


I light mode Keebtalk, dark mode discord.


there’s a dark mode?

wow there is! switched immediately lmao


Dark mode almost everywhere.


You’re insane. Nuff said. :wink:


Same here!


Didn’t even know there was a dark theme on here, switched immediately!


You’re crazy. Dark theme on Keebtalk FTW!


I know Keebtalk have dark theme because this thread.