[IC] 0081-08g

Hey everyone,

This is the second IC for my left-handed g80-1800 project keyboard that I’m now calling “0081-08G”. Since the last IC, I have improved and finalized the layout, and now I’m here again to see how you guys like the layout even though it is a little unique.

Still working on the Pcb details., so when I work out the specifics I’ll edit or reply to this post.

The standard case will be constructed from FR4 similar to the Contra 40% from Cartel so that I can keep the costs as low as possible.

I’m also working with some vendors to see if they can bundle some switches into the kit, with a slightly discounted price on the switches.

Other than the switch bundle, I have some other add-on ideas to improve the appearance of the standard board. I definitely plan on at least adding support for a WS2812B RGB strip to be wired on, like the Contra. Let me know what you guys think about these other ideas and I’ll see what I can do to add them as options to the kit.

  • Acrylic middle layer
  • Acrylic Hi-Pro layer
  • RGB strip

Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Way too big for me, but huge fan of the name. Genius.


I like the improvements, it now has a much better layout and keeping the the left arrows stays true to the concept/title. Good stuff.

Unique doesn’t even begin to cut what’s going on here - but i like it! Best of luck, and hopefully this board ends up where it’s supposed to be.

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I would say make the dxf for the plates available so people can get metal plates cut if wanted, and make the pcb only option available. That way you can keep the costs down but someone can splurge if they want too

edit: fantastic name BTW forgot to mention it

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Looks good and great name! Not sure if it’s for me, but I do like it. I’ll have to see where prices fall and stuff. Might pick one up just to have it and try it out.

Alright so due to time constraints on my part because I have school coming up soon i wont have the time to actually run this and fulfill all the orders after school starts. I’m most likely going to delay this project until either I find out when school starts that i have a super easy class schedule to where i can run it and do classes or school gets out and if it comes to the second result im going to let everyone know in another update, I really hope I don’t have to delay it until school gets out so i will still most likely run it during school it will just probably be around christmas where it tends to be easier stuff.