[IC] 651 Keyboard - A Minimalist 65%


I’m not sure if it will support USB-C to USB-C, I don’t technically know what’s needed for that. I can try it out when I get a PCB built.

The weight is internal yes, and optional. So there will be the possibility to order it without the weight and also without the cutout for the weight.


I’m a huge fan of this. Really nice design.


Ooh nice about the weight, I am definitely interested.


Can’t wait to see how it goes, I’m interested!
Any acrylic / PC element planned for the underglow?
I need to see more renders with rgb, and of the colors!


Looks very, very nice! Filled out the IC form and really looking forward to seeing this go to GB!
Cheers :beers:


Wish the keys were down about 1-2mm lower in the case


Maybe nylon bottom. I’m not sure, but the focus of this board isn’t going to be lighting. It will have RGB underglow via QMK of course, but loud RGB lighting kinda goes against the design principals.


I’ve actually tried this in the first prototype, I didn’t like the look. I prefer the keyboards to a bit higher up, sorta like they are being presented prominently rather than sunken in.