[IC] After-School 1992 (90s/vaporwave DSS Keyset)

Is this a common layout, and if so, can it be supported with a minor change to the keys? I’m trying to walk that difficult balance between compatibility and not getting too far down the long tail. I only use ANSI layouts myself, so I’ve had to rely on help from community members (many thanks in particular to @choobies for his extensive help in this regard) when constructing this attempt at a sweet spot between compatibility and cost.

I dont know if it is super common, but it is usually in the GMK base kits.

This is one of the more common layouts, and the only keys that are not in the kits in some form are the r1 end and page down. As for colors they should be, I can see how that might over complicate things.

Requesting Colevrack and ErgoDox kits seems like a total long shot, but I can’t let myself stay silent :sweat_smile:

@norbauer I don’t even want to know how much that one-off set cost you! :joy:

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Is a 6u spacebar possible ?

lol. I don’t want to talk about it. :sweat_smile:


It’s all good. We’re going to overwhelm him with our monies soon. SPREAD THE WORD!

Just thinking about this set some more today while typing on my DSS Dolch set. DSS is so darn comfortable for typing! I mean, the sound isn’t great, but the profile is so nice you can easily overlook that. I sure wish we could convince SP to thicken their caps :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s crazy how simply thickening the keycaps can drastically change the sound of a keyboard.

Anywhoo… any idea when you’re going to run start the GB for these fly, whack keycaps?

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Any chance for a 6u spacebar? It’s frustrating to be unable to use so awesome sets like DSA Galaxy Class or this on my FC980c / Fc660c

And I thought Hyperfuse looked like my 90’s calculator.

This might be the most 90’s-aesthetic keeb I’ve ever seen. :sunglasses:


I hadn’t actually thought about that. Let me check on how it affects pricing, but I’ll seriously consider adding it, since I don’t want to fail to support all those Heavy-6 (and forthcoming Heavy-9) owners out there. :slight_smile:

I’m generally ready to roll with this but am just trying to work out what I’m going to do with the packaging. I really want to do something very fancy and custom like I did with the final Galaxy Class round, but I’m trying to work out a way to make it not be too gratuitously expensive. I should get clarity on that at some point next week.

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Just make sure PMK makes a 6u bar with proper spacing for stabs, their older kits dont have it right.

When I saw SP’s DSS caps did not have the extended thick side walls like SP’s SA caps, that was the deal breaker for me, as I had a funny feeling the sound wouldn’t be so hot with them. Although with everyone raving over their feel, I do want to try them out. Probably gonna hold off till this set launches since I can appreciate it just as much as a piece of 90s/vaporwave themed art as a keycap set!

They sound almost identical to DSA, which makes sense, since they are very similar in shape and identical in thickness. The best part is the unique sculpture. Very satisfying to me.

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Oh wow, if the 6u is going to be added it’s gonna be great :smiley:
Also, this is the first time I hear about the Heavy 9, and I’m hyped allready, as my remaining keyboards right now are : Heavy6, Norbatouch & FC980c :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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any chance of adding spacebars kit? 2.75u 2u 1.75u or even 3u??

Here is what they have to say about their DSS stabilizer placement.

spacing is fixed at 1.50 inches from the center mount to the outboard mounts

Is that what you’re looking for, or is it the same issue as on their older kits that you mentioned?

That is the same as their older kits, like alchemy. Those 6u bars do not fit the fc660c or any other board I know of, not sure why they use it. Cherry has stabilizers on their centered stem 6u at that measurement (38mm) and at 47.7mm, the 660c uses the outermost mounts.

Picture for clarity, GMK 6u centered on top, PMK Alchemy DSA space below

At this point I don’t really sweat about the alignment as I jigged a lot of 6u off centered spacebars to fit my fc660c / 980c .

But yea, proper spacebar from the factory is desired.