[IC] Cello 65%

Hello, everybody. I’m glad to share our works with you. It’s going to be a special day for us.
Let me share with you our case:
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1 The specs
2 The current status
3 Group Buy
6 Update
1 The specs.

  • Typing Angle: 8 °
  • Materials: 6063 Aluminum
  • Case options:
    o Aluminum: anodized Darkblue, anodized grey, E-white
  • Weight options:
    o brass (transparent pvd)
  • Plate options
  • There are plate, half plate, no plate options,Detachable, half - plate can be formed into all - plate, similarly, all - platel can be disassembled into half – plate

o Aluminum: anodized Darkblue, E-white
o brass (transparent pvd)

  • Plate mounting system: Damped leaf-spring pcb-mount
  • PCB: 1.5mm bluegold plated FR4,type-Cdaughterboard,QMK/VIA support(non-hotswap)
    2 The current status
    The 3D prototyping should be finished in 7 days.
    3 Group Buy
    This group purchase is limited 10pcs.
    The kit will include the following parts:

Top and bottom cases

Plate: You can choose according to your own needs no plate,half plate,whole plate

Personalized LOGO:we can use CNC engraving your own artwork or letter

PCB: golden plate

Accessories: footpad, Type-C daughterboard, gaskets, screw.


Why limited 10pcs?

We can’t wait to share our product, which has been in the design stage for 14 months from the initial idea

How long will you make delivery?

Within 30 days after groupbuy.

Why are there so few material options?

In order to ensure the quality of workmanship while keeping the quantity small, more material options will be added in subsequent mass batches

5 PIC Pls visit discord.gg/KzNSG2Bpst