[IC] Conone 65 GB IS COMING SOON, By Kindakeyboards

Looks kind of retro modern.

Also, I feel like this one would need to go in the checked luggage…

Hey keep your eyes open for the Founders Edition Concept, you might like the idea!


I very much prefer a 40% board but I really like this one. Hoping this goes to GB!

Thank you very much! It definitely will!

The more I look at this board the more I want it. Problem is that I love my blockers on 65%. Otherwise I love it but wouldn’t mind the option for an arrow key blocker top if possible

I’ve thought about that quite a bit, but I came to the conclusion that this would havely interfere with the symmetrical design of the board as it is. I will keep it in mind as an option tho! I hope this wouldn’t stop you from getting one! Thanks for the feedback! Milo

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I think you made a good choice to not include a blocker with this design. I still believe the Koyu board by Rama looks weird with the large bezels and small arrow blocker. And this board has even larger bezels.

Yes I’d agree on this with you!